1 House 100 Years

by projectbuddy


Today is my birthday, and I’ve been looking for some way to celebrate. It occurred to me that in just a few more years, I will be celebrating a “birthday” of sorts because my house will be 100 years old in the year 2020. To me that is simply amazing.

According to city records, my home was built in1920, though from research that appears to be the city’s “best guess.” The only actual proof of age that I’ve ever found in the house is the original cast iron bathtub. It was made with December 1920 cast into the bottom.

My neighborhood is an ordinary city neighborhood, nothing special, not a historic district, but it’s very special to me. The neighborhood was begun in the year 1907 as part of the three hundred year celebration of the founding of Jamestown, just down the Elizabeth River and up the James River.

By the December 15, 1920 date cast into the bottom of the bathtub, I have a little over 8 years to complete all the remaining renovation work before the house reaches it’s centennial year. This is the story of getting my house ready for when My Old House turns 100.

This photograph was taken in February 2007 on the first day that I visited my house.