Back yard, looking south

by projectbuddy


The back yard was trimmed neatly, but as spring progressed, there seemed to be no real gardening plan. While other portions of the yard had remnants of greater care and planning, this part seemed to reflect a “dig a hole somewhere and stick something in the ground” type of approach.

I imagined taking a few steps from my back door and gathering all sorts of fresh vegetables. Once the temperatures cooled in the fall, it was time to begin digging up a good portion of the back yard to turn it into a kitchen garden for planting the following spring.

This photograph was taken in February 2007 on the first day that I visited my house. The aluminum awning over the back door was stolen about a week before the final closing on the house. Although my plan was to eventually remove all of the aluminum awnings because they made the house look very dated, that one really would have come in handy on rainy days!