Kitchen garden, early spring

by projectbuddy


This is a view of the kitchen garden in the back yard in the early spring while the azaleas are blooming. You can also see where I have dug out a large part of the back yard for planting beds and edged them with old bricks.

The camellias to the right provide nice shade for the garden as the sun moves to the west. This is particularly helpful during the heat of summer. I try to plant lettuce here to take advantage of that shade to extend harvest time. There is still plenty of sun for tomatoes to grow well.

You can also see where the collards and kale from the winter garden have started to bolt and flower. Growing up, we had never had a fall and winter garden. It is just about my favorite time to have a garden because it brings green to the drabness of winter.

This photograph was taken in Spring 2012. The garden is developing into an extension of the architecture of the back of the house.