Sunroom, looking west

by projectbuddy


This is what I saw when I first went through the back door. It was difficult to imagine this as a sunroom because of heavy wooden blinds, cornices, and drapes. There were too many physical barriers to imagine the yard’s possibilities and too many household goods to imagine the room’s possibilities.

Although the walls were almost completely filled by large windows, this room is on the south side of the house so there is never the summer heat that there would be if this was facing south or west. The placement of the dry-rotting daybed did not encourage watching songbirds outside.

The walls and ceiling were painted lemon yellow (as was the kitchen) and there was a bright orange and brown vinyl flooring material. The room felt frozen in the 1960’s and there was even a newspaper with a headline about President Kennedy on one of the kitchen counters.

This photograph was taken Spring 2007.