Building walls, dividing spaces

by projectbuddy


A major change to this space was to remove the homemade combination bookcase and storage cabinet that had served as a room divider between the sunroom and laundry room. It had a certain handyman charm to it, but it made the space difficult to heat and cool and less cozy.

I built a wall to separate the two spaces. The new door on the left leads to the laundry room. An over-the-door coat hanger works well there without taking up any wall space. The new door on the right opens up to a pantry with built-in shelves.

The pantry is lined with bead-board and the shelves use the same profile and construction as those made for the kitchen. Although few people may ever see these details, they do help to unify the house so that it appears as if everything was originally planned and built this way.

I have to admit that there are a lot of doorways in this space. Originally, there was the back door and doors to the kitchen and dining room. My work here added two more doors, however they function visually most of the time as a wall rather than as doorways.

Having the table by the pantry is very handy for bringing in groceries. This placement also provides a good view of the outdoors or television. Although I installed a light on the wall, I still like having a lamp on the table. It’s like going to the Commodore Theatre in Old Towne.

This photograph was taken Late Summer 2012 with mid-day lighting. Most of the work was done Late Fall and Early Winter 2011.