Color accents from the garden

by projectbuddy


This corner is perfect for fresh cut flowers like these bright zinnias from my garden. The windows provide a view of the garden where they came from while the painted wall makes a perfect background for studying their form and color. The plasterwork was left purposefully irregular for textural interest.

The zinnias are a variety named “Art Deco.” They look somewhat old-fashioned. The muted, natural, and earthy color scheme allows the garden’s bright intense colors to become a strong accent. Anything from the yard and garden works well in this room, however lavenders, violets, and magentas seem most powerful.

Another reason these particular flowers work well here is they complete the color triad formed by orange, green, and violet. The sunroom has several shades of orange, rust, and red and several shades of olive, muted green, and lichen. These zinnias provide the missing violets to complete the color triad.

This photograph was taken Late Summer 2012 with mid-day lighting.