Renovated sunroom

by projectbuddy


This photograph of the sunroom was taken from the same place as one shared in a previous post about the first time I went into my house. The room looks and feels comfortable and relaxed. Only the angle of the ceiling would help to identify it as the same room.

Without the blinds and drapes, the room is open to the outdoors, even at night. Without the old daybed, the room no longer has a “dead end”. The placement of furniture allows for better views of the garden. Old wooden tool boxes provide places for plants, books, or other items.

The ceiling has been heavily insulated with “the pink itchy stuff” and covered with bead-board planks. I prefer these to the less expensive thin 4×8 bead-board panels, even though the installation takes more time. To me, the look and feel is worth the extra work. It feels “original.”

The old vinyl was removed and I filled the gaps in the floor beams with a compound that dried as hard as wood with minimum expansion and contraction. These were painted with an industrial paint to match the color of the grout on the kitchen floor to visually connect them.

The walls are painted a grayed green which works well with just about any other colors. It also subtly connects with more intense greens in the yard and garden. It reminds me of the color of leaves from “dusty miller” or “lamb’s ear.” White woodwork keeps everything crisp and clean.

The old drapes had been held up by huge spike-like nails. I kept one of those nails as a place to hang my favorite straw gardening hat. The shelves built into the windows have been nice for holding odds and ends up and out of the way when needed.

This photograph was taken Late Summer 2012 with mid-day lighting. Most of the work was done Late Fall and Early Winter 2011.