Always looking forward to spring

by projectbuddy


Lunaria, or “Honesty,” has been growing in my yard since before I owned this house. Someone probably bought a package of seeds many years ago to “try them out,” and they have naturalized here in my yard. The flower color is incredible, and the seed pods are an interesting novelty.

I have not quite figured out whether it is an annual, a biennial, or a perennial. Although I am sure that I could have the definitive answer in a few seconds with an internet search, it is somehow more rewarding to just watch, examine, and learn by discovering nature’s secrets.

It appears wherever I don’t mow the grass, particularly where it is shady. Right now there are small plants with just a few leaves appearing here and there. In the spring they will be blooming from the time that I am sowing seeds until well after I have transplanted seedlings.

Their color is inviting and invigorating in a way, maybe because of its intensity, and the blooming time is very long. This definitely draws me outside and encourages me to get things going in the garden. How these flowers transform into paper thin disks filled with seeds is a mystery!

This photograph was taken Spring 2012.