Symmetry and asymmetry

by projectbuddy


One important question that I had while doing this planning was, “What about the fireplace in the corner and the windows and doors?” I was not sure if these needed to be considered in the overall box beam ceiling plan. If so, they would have really complicate the planning process.

It turned out that the symmetry of my design contrasted nicely with the asymmetry of the floor plan. To me the symmetry also helps give the impression that the beams were part of the house’s original framing with the other features added later. This was really important to me.

This photograph from my first look inside shows the fireplace in the living room and part of the dining room beyond it. Once all the window treatments were removed, the 9 feet ceilings felt even higher. I wanted to emphasize the ceiling height throughout the house, especially in this room.

This photograph was taken Spring 2007.