The strength of humble structures

by projectbuddy


As I was working on my living room one recent afternoon, I thought about my house and this WordPress blog. Suddenly I had to smile. Here are my posts about my house in the “Architecture” topic along with all of those other posts about houses and buildings and phenomenal constructions.

My humble ordinary house is right here alongside some of the world’s architectural wonders. No one says, “Hey, why are you posting that? It doesn’t belong here!” Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this medium is that every one and every building has an opportunity to be somehow special.

Some people have called my house an “American Foursquare.” I am not so sure because there were very few one story American Foursquare homes ever built. Some have said that they thinks it’s a “Sears Home,” but I never found any indication of that in all of my restoration work.

These names do sound nice, but they aren’t really my house. A friend of mine who is an architect called it a “cottage” and I think that describes it best. It was built as a blue collar house just two doors down from the train tracks leading to the port.

Although I know that there are other houses just like mine (even one just on the other side of Caroline Street), there is still a feeling that this house belongs here. It belongs here just as I do. It is remarkable how structures that we value create value in ourselves.

This photograph was taken September 2012.