Centennial sweet potatoes

by projectbuddy


Saturday I dug some sweet potatoes, a bit early since I normally wait until the end of October before the first freeze. Nevertheless I was getting eager and wanted to check on their progress, at least that was my excuse! They were nicely sized and not too large in diameter.

I bought a bag of these Centennial sweet potatoes last October from Storybook Antiques in Boykins, Virginia. It was their First Annual Pumpkin Festival, a great event in my first ever hometown that has been experiencing a kind of “renaissance” in its own way as it adjusts to new times.

I wanted to try this locally grown variety to compare them with my favorite Beauregard that I had been growing from slips sold at Norfolk County Feed and Seed. These were great, so I saved a few and this spring I grew and then planted my own sweet potato slips.

This photograph was taken September 2012. You can get about four good slips from each sweet potato, and this photograph shows sweet potatoes from just one of twelve slips that I planted. This is a nice yield for very little work and totally organic! (That is a large variety of ajuga, also known as bugleweed, to the right. It makes a great ground cover.)