More to the history than just the house

by projectbuddy


With rather slow, detailed projects going on in the house, it’s nice to take some time to look at what’s going on outside of the house. This is especially critical for the house and landscaping to have unity, and an important part of a house’s history is often its landscaping.

Another plant that has been growing in my yard even before I bought this house is called “flossflower.” It usually goes mostly unnoticed until it begins blooming. Honestly, I haven’t done my best at weeding, but if I had, I would be missing out on this interesting late summer bloomer.

It has done well in partly shady spots like this with a vinca ground cover, and if left alone, it remains in the background until it is time to bloom. For a few places in my yard where I’m unsure what to plant, these are welcome to claim those spots.

This photograph was taken September 2012.