Divide and conquer…more ceiling work

by projectbuddy


All of the gaps where the wood beams met were filled with quality wood filler (the kind that smells odd but really binds well). Then these joints were sanded smooth. Even though everything fit together perfectly on the workbench, the ceiling is still slightly irregular, and so gaps were unavoidable.

The gaps between the beams and the plasterboard were filled with joint compound and then smoothed flat. Then these were sanded as well. It was a careful balance between doing what was truly horizontal and doing what was right for the house because of how it had settled over time.

I used premixed joint compound for consistency and two 4-inch joint compound knives with an improvised application technique. With one in each hand, I could work left-handed or right-handed, depending on what work was needed, and the knife in the non-working hand served as a hawk.

Applying joint compound to the plasterboard was the most rewarding step. As soon as each square was complete with no gray plasterboard showing, it was immediately gratifying! The “divide and conquer” work concept really worked! Here and there the unplanned irregularities catch the light in interesting unexpected almost artistic ways.

This photograph was taken September 2012.