Kitchen, west-facing wall (before)

by projectbuddy


After the bathroom renovation (to be shared later), the kitchen was next on my list. Along with the sunroom (completed late 2011 to early 2012) and the dining room (current project), the kitchen is the base for three connected rooms that allow for real company to visit casually and comfortably.

This photograph shows the kitchen the way that it first looked. The entire western wall was taken up by a cast iron sink with large drainboard areas and electric range. One of the great things about the range was that it had a regular oven and a smaller sized oven.

It was not until the night of closing day that I happened to be checking around under the sink and found that the drain pipe had rusted out below floor level, and all the water from my endless “testing everything out” had just been making a puddle under the house.

Although the sink and range were both full of vintage character, the drainboards on each side just did not feel functional as true countertop space and the range stovetop was totally electric. To me, there’s nothing like a gas stovetop to heat fast and control boil-overs and flame-ups!

The range was taken away from the roadside and is being happily used again in another neighborhood home. The sink went to the electrician who certified that all the knob-and-tube wiring had been removed and was no longer a fire hazard. It works great on his fishing pier!

This photograph was taken Spring 2007.