Wintertime Herb Garden

by projectbuddy


A large clay saucer makes a nice holder for an assortment of potted herbs. The clay saucer protects the table underneath from water damage, although you may want to use felt or some other protection to prevent marking the tabletop. Extra water and soil spills will stay in the saucer.

This is just an inexpensive auction find end table that already had a badly damaged top, but the other surfaces have a nice aged patina. Since I don’t have a sunny kitchen window sill for basil, lemongrass, and other summertime herbs, this works well for me in the adjacent sunroom.

The afternoon sun on the leaves, particularly on a cold wintery day, is a welcome pleasure, but don’t forget your tastebuds! Nothing enhances a can of ordinary tomato soup like fresh basil, and there’s got to be something growing here to add some zip to a basic grilled cheese sandwich!

This photograph was taken October 2012. Lemongrass has to be brought indoors in my area for it to be able to survive the winter.