Quilt Holder, $808.50…Quilt, Priceless

by projectbuddy


A very good friend of mine surprised me today with a handmade quilt that had taken over a year to complete from planning, gathering fabrics, piecing, and finally quilting using multiple styles. The design was based on my organic garden in the backyard. It is a remarkable work of art.

There are squares for my favorite vegetable and even squares for my grape vines at the garden entrance paths. They have been quilted with sunflowers, one of my favorites that I’ve grown every year. There is a border of vegetables in postage stamp sized squares to represent my compost pile.

There is a random border of sticks and twigs, to remind me of the different fencing material that I’ve used to keep out stray cats. There’s also a border of squash and gourds like those that grew up all over my fencing the first time I ever tried growing them.

The printed vegetable fabrics and plaid fabrics are enhanced by the white sashing. These bright colors counterpoint the muted, earthy colors that I’ve used in the sunroom. With autumn slowly turning to winter, this is a great way to help bring the color of my spring and summer garden indoors.

After receiving this incredibly artistic gift, I went out looking for “something to put under it” and was able to get a comfortable love-seat and ottoman for a really great price at a family-owned furniture store, Hearn’s Furniture in Smithfield, that was just “a short country drive away.”

This photograph was taken November 2012.