Kitchen, West-Facing Wall (After)

by projectbuddy


For a “before” photograph, click here.“Kitchen, west-facing wall (before)”

This photograph shows the kitchen’s west-facing wall after a good deal of renovation was completed. After doing a huge amount of research and pricing and then even more research, I decided to make my own kitchen sink cabinets and replaced the wall cabinets with shelves.

The new range took up less space which gave me additional room for the sink cabinets. I decided to have the sink cabinet slightly set forward from the two smaller sections to the right and left. This was to help break up what would have been a rather long straight line along this wall.

The length of the sink cabinets area was determined by a measurement from the opposite wall which couldn’t be adjusted because of the brick chimney. From the wall to the edge of the sink cabinets needed to equal from the wall to the old brick chimney on the opposite wall.

This helped to create symmetry to these facing walls. Originally I had planned to have the sink exactly opposite the refrigerator with the same side cabinets to further emphasize the symmetry; however once the refrigerator was in place, the side countertops would have been too narrow for comfortable work surfaces.

A new range hood, bead-board backsplash, a landscape picture above the sink to take the place of a window, and a shelf helped to complete this wall. The shelf has come in quite useful for temporarily holding various assorted items including a cookbook stand (and at eye level too!)

This photograph was taken October 2011 soon after the sink cabinets and sink were installed. As you can see, there were still a few additional painting jobs to do, but the kitchen has come a long way from a floor of loose plywood on top of floor joists and bare wall studs!