“”Merry Christmas” From My House And Home To Yours!

by projectbuddy


Merry Christmas!

Today I am taking time to rethink all of the Christmases that I’ve spent in my house up until now. Christmas and home go together.

Christmas 2007, the house had a real Christmas tree in the living room and a remodeled bathroom that really worked. There had already been a lot of plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and tiling work done just to be able to use the bathroom. I made pecan sugar cookies using pecans from the pecan tree in my back yard. (This was just about the last time that I used the old stove and countertops before the kitchen was gutted. The old kitchen sink was unusable, so I had to use either the bathroom sink or the laundry room sink.) It was the first Christmas that I celebrated in my own house.

Christmas 2008, the house was in various states of demolition just about everywhere. Rather than wrapped gifts and decorations, there were tools and building materials in almost every room. The bathroom remained my “refuge from remodeling.” This was perhaps the least “Christmas-feeling” December in my house, partly because of all of the demolition going on, but also because the previous first Christmas in the house had been so memorable.

Christmas 2009, the house had a new tiled kitchen floor and new plasterboard walls in the kitchen as well. The bead-board kitchen ceiling and trim work had been completed. The last of the rewiring had been done, and a new range and range hood had been ordered from Sears, but the room wasn’t quite ready for them yet. There was still some finish work to be done on the walls before the appliances could be installed.

Christmas 2010, the house had a kitchen cabinets and countertops that I had designed and built myself. A new cast iron sink had been installed and there was finally running water. There was now a real “kitchen triangle” with the new refrigerator that I added earlier in the year to go with the range from last Christmas-time and the sink from this Christmas-time. I had a real tree in the dining room and had friends over for real holiday meals. (No more cooking on a hot plate on top of the washing machine in the laundry room!)

Christmas 2011, the house had an almost completed sun room with a bead-board ceiling, new trim work, a new dividing wall with a new door for the laundry room and a new door for a new pantry with bead-board walls and plenty of shelf space. Even though the sunroom was looking much better, it was mostly unusable for the holidays because of the repeated coats of industrial paint on the floor that took a long time to get fully dry. There was an almost completed sunroom but the dining room and living room were chaotic.

Christmas 2012, the house had an almost completed dining room with box beam ceiling and walls completed and with just a medallion and chandelier needed for completion. Progress was being made on the living room’s box beam ceiling. If scheduling had allowed, I could have done some holiday entertaining with the bathroom, kitchen, dining room and sunroom mostly finished. Although there are still quite a few projects to be done in each of those rooms, most of the big projects have been completed.

Many thanks to everyone with tools and time to help with all of this work, and many thanks to everyone who has been following along and providing encouragement. My house’s 100 year birthday celebration is just eight short years away!

Merry Christmas!

This photograph was taken December 2012. My mom sent this Christmas card to me this year. It shows the restored train station in Suffolk. We used to take the train from Boykins to Suffolk to go shopping when I was just a little guy.