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Month: January, 2013

Snowed-In With Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Home Renovation Supplies!


I returned from a business trip to Canada on Thursday, and then yesterday afternoon we started getting a rather rare amount of snow here in Tidewater Virginia. Quite honestly, it snowed a bit more here than it did in Toronto when I was there! I made chicken noodle soup yesterday.

This morning we are blanketed in snow, and everything looks so nice with the light reflected from the snow illuminating the rooms inside my house so completely. It’s good to be snowed in today because it gives me a chance to work on the house and appreciate being back home.

Since I stocked up on home improvement supplies and groceries yesterday, I won’t need to go out for anything today. I enjoy the “snowed-in” feeling and anticipating the next big completed phase of renovation. I’m glad that I grow my own herbs for things like homemade chicken noodle soup!

This photograph was taken January 2013. This is from my front porch looking east as the sun is rising. It is a bit too cold to enjoy the morning paper on the front porch swing!


A Rare Winter Snow


We had some snow last week here in Tidewater Virginia. It was just enough to gently coat most of the things in my yard and garden. When I was ready to leave for work, much of it had already melted away. Snow has a way of making everything beautiful here.

My collards are doing fine, though they will be growing much more as spring approaches. The daisies are nice to have because they will stay green throughout the winter. My grape vines don’t mind the cold, and they are really there just to attract the birds that watch for pests.

Every year I say that I should cut back on the garden, but it never works out that way. I’ve been looking through the seed catalogs and planning. I’d like to add new fencing and trellises for the grapevines, yet there is still so much to do to the house.

This photograph was taken January 2013.

Brilliant Color For Cold Dreary Winter Days


My mother gave me some amaryllis bulbs around Christmas-time. These are often boxed and ready to sprout in stores around the holiday season, but they need to be started about 6 weeks before you want them to bloom. These had just begun to sprout in their gift-type boxes.

Once given some sun and water, they really began to grow and then bloom, and each bulb gives several stalks of flowers. It’s mid-January now and even though the holiday season is long past, I’ve got some very large colorful blossoms to enjoy during our gray, wet, dreary season.

This photograph was taken January 2013.