A Rare Winter Snow

by projectbuddy


We had some snow last week here in Tidewater Virginia. It was just enough to gently coat most of the things in my yard and garden. When I was ready to leave for work, much of it had already melted away. Snow has a way of making everything beautiful here.

My collards are doing fine, though they will be growing much more as spring approaches. The daisies are nice to have because they will stay green throughout the winter. My grape vines don’t mind the cold, and they are really there just to attract the birds that watch for pests.

Every year I say that I should cut back on the garden, but it never works out that way. I’ve been looking through the seed catalogs and planning. I’d like to add new fencing and trellises for the grapevines, yet there is still so much to do to the house.

This photograph was taken January 2013.