“Cloth of Gold”

by projectbuddy


These are some of my favorite crocuses named “Cloth of Gold.” The photograph can’t fully convey the bright intense golden yellow color that these bring into my yard. These are heirloom bulbs from Old House Gardens that I planted and then replanted several times. I think this spot will work.

The challenge for me with crocuses is that they can look like grass which means you have to be careful not to mow them and prevent the leaves from making energy to store for the next spring. This is also true for daffodils which do best in “no-mow” beds.

This photograph was taken February 2013. By the way, if you are interested in planting heirloom bulbs in your yard, Old House Gardens is the best place source that I have found. Their customer service is fantastic! There has always been a handwritten and personalized message on every invoice too.