Ceiling Medallions and Chandelier

by projectbuddy


After a huge amount of online searching for “just the right” ceiling medallion and chandelier for the dining room, the purchases were made and the packages arrived. Unpacking was exciting. Trying to figure out how it will all go together and look original to the house…not quite so exciting.

I used an old adjustable lamp that I had bought many years. I placed it on the table and used that to judge the amount of illumination that would be needed. This lamp was great because it could be adjusted to shine upward or downward. This experimental test was helpful.

At night, shining downward, the test lamp left the ceiling almost completely dark and all of the work that I had done to build the box beams seemed like a huge waste because they just dissolved into a dreary darkness. The chandelier would have to illuminate both upward and downward.

This chandelier can be used with no shades at all or with linen shades, burlap shades, and any other type of shade that will fit the bulbs. This variety of different styles keeps me from feeling locked in to one particular look which was the source of my original indecision.

The ceiling medallions are proportioned to the central ceiling squares created by the box beams and also proportioned to the chandelier for the dining room and the fan for the living room. From my research and observations, a ceiling medallion looks best when it is 2/3 the diameter of the fixture that is used with it.

This photograph was taken February 2013. The smaller medallion is for the dining room, and the larger medallion is for the living room.