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Month: April, 2013

Spring Kitchen Garden Preparations


Spring has been a bit more unpredictable than usual here in Tidewater Virginia this year as we have been fluctuating between very warm days and very cold days. Last weekend was beautiful and perfect for getting the garden established and looking good. This weekend has been cold, windy, and rainy.

Rather than making fencing this year, I decided to use some rather inexpensive pre-made fencing that comes in 15 feet lengths. This type doesn’t necessarily need to be permanent installed, and so I can roll it back up and store it away in the winter to extend it’s life.

A white fence, even one as informal as this, always seems to dress up and define even the smallest garden. I like using garden fencing because it helps to keep out stray animals while giving the songbirds something to perch on while they are looking for a good insect meal.



These photographs were taken April 2013. Each of these fenced kitchen garden beds is 3 feet deep and 12 feet long. The pathway is approximately 3 feet wide. When the fencing is not in place, the brick-edged beds are easily accessible from either the pathway or the lawn area.


Dining Room Chandelier…Now I Can See My Food!


This past weekend, the dining room chandelier was finally put in place and is working great. The linen shades add a great deal to the overall attractiveness of this fixture, but it does look very nice without the shades as well. I ordered burlap shades today for a different look.

As I had written previously, one of the things that I like about this chandelier is how the shades can be changed (or removed) to create different effects. This was important to me because I had a very difficult time selecting just one chandelier. This one gives me many options.

One of the things that you may notice is how the light is directed not only downward to the table but also upward toward the ceiling. The symmetrical light patterns on the ceiling add even more to the overall appearance of what one might expect in an old house.

There are several textures of white used: the smooth semi-gloss white of the beams, the irregular painterly dull white of the plaster, the sculptural semi-gloss white of the medallion, and the tactile woven white of the linen shades. The oil-rubbed bronze of the chandelier punctuates everything nicely.

These photographs were taken April 2013.