Quick Garden Photographs Before Traveling

by projectbuddy

These photographs allowed my to take my garden with me as I traveled this past weekend for my niece’s high school graduation. In previous springs when visiting the western part of the state, there had been strong thunderstorms that had damaged some plants completely. I wanted to remember a few special spots just in case that happened again.


Gardener’s Delight tomatoes and Mesclun Blend lettuce in whiskey barrel planters…forsythia and Christmas fern border bed…

The whiskey barrel planters are a new experiment this year to try something different that will add more planting space and better define the first of two concrete slabs where metal sheds had been. This is the one closest to the back door and serves as a patio with a black metal table and chairs. This is where I like to drink a cup of coffee in the morning.


Red Star tomatoes and Bloomsdale spinach in whiskey barrel planters…leftover lettuce seeds from last year in a shallow clay pot…French lavender and Giant Bugleweed border bed…

I have seen several birds perching on the rims of the barrels, searching for a meal. This method of growing vegetables has an extra bonus then since my winged garden buddies have a comfortable place to survey for their own dinner.


Parsnip flowerhead with flower buds beginning to show some yellow (about up to my chin right now)…camellias with a variety of hostas underneath…


Blueberry bed (several varieties to assure successful cross pollination for fruit development)…Honestly, the songbirds probably eat more of these than I do, but the color of the leaves in the autumn is awesome!


Everbearing strawberries…Red Norland potatoes…Butterfly flower (perennial)…a few small “Immortality” bearded iris…


Rose Campion (already blooming)…Becky Daisies (beginning to bud)…wandering Jew (just beginning to send up dark purple leaves and still somewhat hidden by the Giant Bugleweed ground cover)…The magenta-violet of the Rose Campion contrasts beautifully with the yellow ochre glaze on the birdbath.


The concrete slab where one of the metal sheds had stood for many years beside my pecan tree…A severe spring storm knocked the pecan tree down and demolished the metal shed. I will build a replacement shed myself one day to my own specifications and needs…perhaps a drawing and writing cabin.