Bathroom, Looking East

by projectbuddy


Anniversaries are days that we create for ourselves to mark events that are important to us. Recently I celebrated my sixth anniversary of homeownership, and it has been a time to think back on exactly what I was doing six years ago. Those were very busy days for me then.

It is amazing how a toilet can work perfectly every time you flush it up through the final inspection walk-through, and then mysteriously pour water all over the floor once you have handed over your down payment check and signed all of the papers. It did gush out everywhere.

That first summer had three priorities. I had take out all of the knob and tube wiring so that the insurance company would insure my new home. I had to have new wiring for at least the overhead lights and outlets. I had to have bathroom plumbing that would work.

The insurance company dictated what needed to be done first. Nature dictated what needed to be done next. Without the help of a very good friend, I would not have made it through that first summer. The heat was tough. Running to Walmart to use the bathroom was even tougher.

This photograph was taken February 2007 before my house was purchased. This is how it looked before any work was done.