One Last Bathroom “Before” Photograph

by projectbuddy


I had known about the hole in the floor in front of the toilet that had been repaired with a piece of metal nailed to the floor. I hadn’t know how the plumbing underneath had been handcrafted out of lead sheeting that had been deformed into just a narrow opening.

I had known about the damage caused by someone with bad aim in the middle of the night. I hadn’t known about the hundreds of razor blades that had been deposited into the medicine cabinet’s “used blades” slot and had ended up in the wall cavity, overflowing beneath the house.

Be forewarned. There will be endless lists of “I had known’s” and “I hadn’t known’s” for any old house. It’s almost guaranteed that the latter will exceed the former. Old houses can woo you and seduce you. They will crave your attention and demand unlimited access to your bank accounts.

There are thousands of modest little old houses spread across the country. Dear reader, I that hope you will find yours. there is no other house like an old house that can give you such a grand feeling of accomplishment after you have worked to repair and dress it up.

This photograph was taken February 2007 on my first visit to my house.