How To Grow Lettuce In a Whiskey Barrel Planter: Do This!

by projectbuddy


Last Friday, I took a few photographs of my garden. In a little over a week, my lettuce has grown incredibly! And what about those tomatoes? They have more than doubled in size! What could have caused this remarkable gardening miracle? I do have a few ideas for possible answers.

Daily watering after I got back home? The new whiskey barrel planters that I’m trying out this year? Just the right combination of garden soil and peat moss? The partial shade and partial sun location? Those great predatory fireflies that have adopted my lettuce as one of their hunting grounds?

Actually I believe it is a combination of all these things and probably several others that I have not even considered. There are many articles online about using whiskey barrel planters. Rather than repeating that content, I will just emphasize that drilling proper drainage holes in the bottom is important.

If I were writing a post about how to grow lettuce, it would have a photograph like this with the simple words: “Do this.” It was very nice to sit with my cup of coffee this morning, pinch off lettuce leaves into my salad spinner, rinse and refrigerate. Easy gardening!

This photograph was taken June 2013.