Bathroom, Looking East (“After”)

by projectbuddy


From necessity, the bathroom was the first room to be renovated. I began by drawing out everything in the bathroom as it looked “before” on quarter inch grid paper, followed by another floor plan showing how I wanted it to look “after.” This advanced planning prior to demolition helped tremendously.

The bathroom is 6 feet (window side) by 8 feet. Because this is a “Jack and Jill” style bathroom, there are doorways connecting it to both bedrooms, forming a sort of walkway through the bathroom. The actual functioning bathroom floor space is only 6 feet (window side) by 5 feet.

After removing several layers of linoleum and vinyl flooring, I found that the water damage to the floor was more than expected, so the old floor boards were taken up on the functioning portion of the bathroom floor. This also gave me an opportunity to relocate the air system duct.

The walkway through the bathroom remained the house's original floor boards. This made walking from the bedrooms and through the bathroom easier without having to step up or step down when moving from room to room. (This would not be the case with the kitchen floor, but that was unavoidable.)

With such a small amount of floor space, the new arrangement of the bathroom fixtures really needed to maximize every usable square foot and even square inch! The toilet, sink and bathtub all share the same standing space, and yet it does not feel as cramped as it had before.

This photograph was taken June 2013. If you look carefully, you will notice something really special in the reflection on the shaving mirror. This is a framed rubbing from the manufacturer's markings on the bottom of the cast iron bathtub. It supports the 1920 dating of my house. I will have a future post about the restoration work involved with saving the bathtub.