Fall Fireworks in the Garden

by projectbuddy


Fall is just about my favorite time of year in the garden. There are great colors and a definite change in how the air feels and smells. Butterfly Flower (Asclepias tuberosa) has bright orange blossoms in the summer and these incredible seed pods in the fall, very much like fireworks.

The blossoms really do attract butterflies and bees as well which are good pollinators to have around the garden. These plants were grown from seed back in the spring of 2008 and have done very well since then. This is the most seeds that they have ever produced for me.

I will try starting some more from these seeds when spring comes around next year, just around the time that baseball season starts back up again with real fireworks and all the other things that make for a really special evening out. Until then, it’s time to plan and wait.


These photographs were taken October 2013.