Why I Only Buy Real Maple Syrup

by projectbuddy


When it comes to posting anything about cooking or recipes, there is one primary thing that I try to keep in mind. It has to contribute to a feeling of “home” (not to just have something to post or something that looks trendy but hardly no one else will make).

Perhaps this is because I really enjoy eating, but also because the smell of our favorite dishes can hold powerful memories of days gone by. You can be blindfolded and yet know instantly when you are “home” with only your nose. Food smells can permanently infuse a house. I’m glad.

Several months after I moved into my house, I was projecting early one weekend morning, and I smelled hot buttered pancakes and maple syrup. At the time, I had barely used the old electric range to do much more than heat up a can of something and call it “dinner.”

So I checked outside just to make sure I wasn’t imagining anything. The smell was only in my house, only in my kitchen. I think that was the house’s way of letting me know, “You’re okay. I trust you to take care of me. You can call me ‘home’ now.”

There are secondary considerations as well when posting anything about cooking or recipes like being something that a guy can follow and make for his someone special or his whole family, sort of the way my brother-in-law makes French toast every Sunday morning before church for his family.

Maybe most guys would like to show how they feel with a home-cooked meal or even just one part of a meal if an entire meal seems overwhelming. They just need some know-how. So that’s the “why” for only using real maple syrup and for sharing these recipes.

Right now I have a taste for some of the best “Maple Pecan Sugar Cookies” of my life! This was the first “from scratch” baking that I did in my house, and I used my own pecans from my own pecan tree in my own backyard. Recipe to follow soon!

This photograph was taken November 2013. These are a few of the different maple syrups that have been given to me over the years. The bottle shaped like a maple leaf is my favorite. Maple syrup will last indefinitely if left unopened. Although some people like it on a French toast, I prefer just putting it on pancakes.