Salvaging the Old and Building the New

by projectbuddy


Happy New Year everyone! As I’ve been looking at my recent posts, I’m seeing that there are very few photographs with any bold colors, mostly just ones with a limited palette. With the start of the new year, I’d like to provide some balance with a few more colorful photographs.

These come from a recent trip to Black Dog Salvage and Memorial Bridge Marketplace in Roanoke, Virginia. I visited there over the Christmas holiday season with my mother and sister. They were quite patient with me while I tried to take in as much as possible of this incredible place.

I hope these will inspire you to do a bit of introspection this New Year’s Day, perhaps examining what can be salvaged from the past and what needs to be built for the future. Life and people are very often much like an old house, waiting for a second chance.









These photographs were taken December 2013. Some are strictly art, others, strictly salvage. A few are serious, and a few are whimsical. “Balance” seems to be the “the word for the day.” Best wishes with all of your projects for the new year! Project Buddy, John.