You Can Sometimes Learn As Much About Yourself As You Learn About Your Old House

by projectbuddy


While considering a choice between installing modern showroom type flooring that makes many people “ooh” and “aah” and holding onto the old floor that makes me comfortably at home in the early morning light, I am wondering, “How will 3/8 inch plywood and engineered floor boards make me feel?”

Here is a link to a post written by another blogger that describes and shows in great detail how they restored the floors of their Victorian home, one even older than mine. “How To Sand And Restore A Victorian Wooden Floor”

Here is a related link by the same blogger that tells more about the product that was used to give their floors an incredible finish. “And On The Eighth Day God Created Osmo Polyx Oil” Will need to research more about this product. The finished results look really good. I particularly like how it helps the replacement boards match the original boards so well.

This photograph was taken January 2014. It is an attempt to help answer the question, “How will my flooring decision make me feel?” Perhaps this dining room makes you feel differently than it does me, but I am having a hard time imagining this house still being called “home” without this floor to look at in the morning.

The comments below are helpful too, so if you are looking for information and support for a similar project of your own, be sure to read those as well. There are plenty of reasons to restore the old floors and not to replace or cover over them.