Old Sketchbooks From “The Turn Of The Century”

by projectbuddy


Home projects are going rather slowly, partly due to so much disorganization everywhere. This is to be expected, though after seven years, you would think I would be more accustomed to it. Moving as much out of the living and dining rooms makes things a bit more crowded everywhere else.

Serious floor analysis is now underway. There are only two major areas that must be replaced due to water damage and rot. Neither is in what would be considered frequent walking areas. Since I plan to use large rugs in both rooms, much of the floor would be covered anyway.

Reshuffling yet again boxes and books and stacks of just old “stuff” gave me a chance to look at some of my old sketchbooks from “the turn of the century.” These were started when access to the internet was still by something I think they called “dial up” back then.

These were a reminder to me that one reason I had wanted to own my own house was to have space to do creative projects like bringing in fresh things from the yard and garden to draw or to paint. You should never wait for “one day.” Delayed creativity withers.

This photograph was taken January 2014. The sketchbooks are arranged chronologically with oldest on the bottom (from last century) to newest on the top (this century). The figure drawing was done in a drawing class from life with a five minute time limit and my left hand (the one not usually used for drawing).