Pre-Spring Collards

by projectbuddy


Although it is not officially spring yet, after the cold weather and snow storms that we had in February, I am ready for spring. We seldom get deep snowstorms here in Tidewater Virginia, but last month there was one in particular that buried my collards for over half a week.

A lot of older leaves showed damage from the extended period of cold, but for the younger leaves, that’s just what they needed to improve their flavor. For years now I’ve bought several bundles of young plants from Norfolk County Feed and Seed and plant them early in the fall.

Until last month’s series of snowstorms, I had just about given up on fighting the cabbage moth caterpillars that had invaded my backyard garden patch. There was also another new kind of unidentified caterpillar munching away. The extended cold seems to have done what my daily inspections could not do.

Few dishes are more Southern than “a whole mess of collard greens.” Cooking methods may vary, but there are really only two ways to cook collards: the right way and the wrong way. For me, success is judged by how well the “pot liquor” goes with cornbread. It’s that simple.

Here is my recipe for “The Best Collards Of My Life”. It’s been some time since I’ve posted a recipe, so watch for my next recipe that will be posted soon after these collards have been cut and cooked. It will be “The Best Cornbread Of My Life!”


These photographs were taken in February and March 2014, about one week apart.