Chinese Snowball Viburnum…Now This Is What Buying A Brand New Shovel Is For!

by projectbuddy


Although it resembles a hydrangea in many ways and particularly with its flowers, this incredible plant is actually a Chinese Snowball Viburnum. Planting a great specimen like this one is the main reason that I bought a new shovel, not to dig out and replace my old waste drain line!

To me, this is a “classic” Southern plant, and it does like a warmer climate. It should remain evergreen here in my Tidewater Virginia yard, though in more northernly regions it will be deciduous. The biggest challenge was finding the perfect spot for viewing from my sunroom throughout the year.

Evergreen Shrub…height 10 feet, width 10 feet, 6-8 inch clusters of white flowers from May to June. (Mine was blooming in the latter part of the summer when I bought it, though this is most likely because it originally came from a nursery in a more southern state.)

Light…full sun to partial shade, protect from strong afternoon sun.

Water…provide medium moisture.

Site and Soil…USDA zones 6-9, well-drained slightly acid soil but can tolerate alkaline conditions, provide shelter from cold, drying winds.

Pruning and Special Care…prune shortly after flowering to remove dead wood and shape, fertilize after planting and again after flowering.

This photograph was taken September 2014, just before my waste drain line caused a major excavation and repair job. I wish that my brand new shovel had been used first to plant this incredible specimen, but that did not happen until much later!