A Place To Draw

by projectbuddy


Last weekend I found a really great rug for my dining room with just the right colors to fit with my house: darks to work with the chandelier and other darker toned items, lights to work with the wall and trim colors. The pattern is reminiscent of William Morris designs.

What a difference this rug made for the room! With my grandmother’s cherry table and a chair from an auction in nearby Suffolk, it made a nice place for drawing, and that is was I did this weekend. It was a very good feeling to be both grounded and inspired.

Quick Tip…For a dining room rug, measure the width and length of your table. Add 54 inches to each measurement. Most dining room tables have average widths of 36 to 38 inches and average lengths of 76 to 86 inches, so an 8 foot x 10 foot rug should work for most dining room furniture.

This photograph was taken January 2015.