New Design For Raised Garden Beds

by projectbuddy


My main project this spring has been designing and building raised garden beds. Over the years I’ve tried several different materials and designs to provide productive and protected beds. None have quite met my needs as far as providing access for me but not for feral cats and other wildlife.

This design uses cedar boards which should last longer than pine and be safer for the soil than pressure treated lumber. The white picket and wire fencing sections are from a purchased roll and can be removed when I need to tend to my plants and can then be replaced.

So far, this design has been successful in keeping out unwanted four-legged garden visitors, and the birds enjoy the high posts for scouting out a six-legged breakfast! I will post step-by-step photos and directions soon if you would like to try this for your own garden.

These photographs were taken May 2015 about two weeks after the tomatoes seedlings had gotten settled in to their summer home.