More Than An Old Toolbox

by projectbuddy


An odd thing about collecting is that oftentimes a day will come when you realize that you have a collection. It’s not something that you planned. It just suddenly appears, seemingly out of nowhere like crocus blooms in the spring. “Hey! I’ve got a collection! Where did that come from?”

Such is the case with my toolbox collection. I have five: a Sears Craftsman toolbox from when I bought my house, a Kennedy toolbox that I bought at an auction, two old wooden workshop-made toolboxes that my mother had used to fill with Christmas decoration displays, and this one.

It is my current favorite and was likely made in the woodworking corner of someone’s garage. I saw it at Riverside Mill in Weldon, North Carolina this past fall, and knew right away that it was for me. Who made this toolbox? What projects had been created with its contents?

The mismatched metal pieces may be leftover parts from different projects, but someone had taken extra steps to shape the lid, perhaps with a factory-made toolbox in mind. The tool tray handles are smooth and angled slightly outward, tempting the eyes and urge the hands to explore and create.

This is a toolbox for hand tools. This is a toolbox for special projects. This is a toolbox that is a tool in itself as it has the ability to set the mind back to a simpler time of craftsmanship and to focus experience and imagination towards building something new.