Hey!!! What’s On That Brush?!?

by projectbuddy


This is most probably my least favorite indoor old house renovation project. It’s messy. It’s slow. It’s tedious. Most importantly, it’s avoidable. At least it would have been avoidable with some forethought many years ago. This peeling paint is caused when two different kinds of paint are used over time.

In my house, the original paint would have been oil-based and there were several re-paintings using that type of paint. Then many years later when latex water-based paint became popular, that was used for a few more re-paintings. The results don’t show until many years later.

Since I’ve owned this house, more of this paint on the woodwork has begun to crack and peel. This winter, an especially cold one, there were mornings when I could stand in the living room or dining room and clearly hear and see the paint cracking, peeling, and popping up.

The only way that I know to correct this is to remove the paint down to the wood, sand, prime and repaint. The only way that I know to prevent this is to keep accurate paint records to give to future owners. Otherwise someone has a lot of unpleasant work!

This photo was taken July 2015. It’s not the worst example of peeling paint in my house, just an average example of peeling paint. This is my summer indoor renovation project.