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Slow Progress On Windows

The progress on my living room and dining room windows has been going very slowly. This is partly because it is one of my least favorite tasks and partly because it creates so much to clean up from old flaking paint and sanding. All of this definitely reduces my enthusiasm!

If able to do this all over again, I would probably delay the floor restoration until after the windows had been completed. It really is best to work from the ceiling downward to the floor, although looking back, there were some places in the floor where you could fall through!

(This photograph was taken October 2015. There is still more work to do, but the way that the crisp white window casings stand out against the walls is very nice and will hopefully be a motivator.)


Tea Olive (Osmanthus Fragrans)

This is an evergreen tree that I bought last year in the late summer. I wanted to have several flowering trees and shrubs that would along the path to my back door so that I would have them to enjoy on the way out and then back into my house.

The transplant space was not ready until this spring, and this past winter was a bit harsh. Half planting the nursery pot with the tree in it seems to have been helpful for its winter survival, though I think it would have grown more if transplanted before the cold season.

(This photograph was taken September 2015. Sadly this image does not capture the incredible fragrance of these small blossoms!)

Daffodils and Tomato Seedlings


Work on the house has been rather slow with no easily visible progress to photograph and share. Off-white paint, filled cracks, and sanded surfaces don’t make particularly good photos, although a photograph of my ladder and a bottle of “back and body ache” aspirin would tell quite a lot!

Our weather has been unusually cold lately, and so chores that I would normally be doing in the yard and garden have been delayed for now. Nevertheless, I still have had the opportunity to bring a little spring indoors with daffodils and start a little summer indoors with tomato seedlings.

The small clusters of daffodils have a wild, musky smell that fills several rooms of the house. All of the varieties shown here had been planted years ago by the previous owners. Many of them did not bloom until I divided and transplanted them to new less-crowded flower beds.

Most of the tomato seedlings sprouted from saved seeds. These are “Red Star” (incredibly flavorful variety though not particularly productive), “Jaune Flamme” (golden color and slightly redish-orange heart), “Gardener’s Delight” (nearly perfect cherry tomato), and “Violet Jasper” (beautiful green and violet iridescence with good flavor). New this year is “Redfield Beauty” (a more classic-looking tomato with strong recommendations).


These photographs were taken in March 2013.