These are other WordPress blogs that I follow and find enjoyable for various reasons. Please check out any that interest you. I’ve tried to group them in general categories.


  • The Slightly Confused Woodworker

    Check out this post. It’s worth it. “Ugly Furniture” This post could very well give you confidence to try something new, to take a risk, and to not worry about achieving perfection right away in woodworking or most anything else.

  • One Tree Woodworks

    Check out this post. It’s worth it. “Post Oak Mantle” After reading, you just might want to go out looking for your own singularly unique piece of wood…that weighs as much as a Volkswagen Bug! For me, this is a great example of having the right balance between nature’s work and man’s work.


    Beth Walsh’s Photoblog: A Place To Share My Work

    Check out this post. It’s worth it. Nature Covered In Ice and Raindrops These photographs show a beautiful sensitivity to nature and color. You will often find a variety of photographs from landscape to still life as well as a variety of photographic techniques.

    quotidiously: the spaces between

    Check out this post. It’s worth it. A Degree of Protection Most of the photographs are close up views of things that you might often overlook. You will often find the unexpected in these clever photographs.

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